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Meet the Coordinators


Teacher Martin Brotherton 
I have been in Thailand for nearly seven years. During my time, I have been teaching young learners English in Bangkok. This is my third year teaching at BCC and I am happy to have been appointed as learning stage 1 coordinator. The learning stage one staff and I strive to make our lessons as interactive and fun as possible to get the students enjoying themselves and speaking naturally. We aim for your son to develop a love for English at a young age and hope that it will continue throughout their life.

Teacher Matthew is from America.  He has been a teacher for 10 years and has taught in Bangkok Christian College for 8 years.  This will be his third year as a Learning Stage 2 Coordinator taking care of grades 4,5, and 6 students.


Teacher David is a Christian from the US. He has taught English at BCC for 10 years. He has a fine arts degree. He likes art, writing, photography and computers.


John Flanagan